Service for analyzing competitors posts and pages in social networks

TimeMachine will help you compare and analyze the effectiveness of publications of any pages of interest in social networks


Evaluate changes to your page

Keep track of which entries engage your audience more or less, sort by any of the formats, text size, publication date or content

Look at the performance indicators

Analyze data on the total and average performance of posts published at different times, with different hashtags or attachments. Record their statistics and dynamics

Compare anything you want

Analyze different company pages, communities from different social networks at the same time, or batch upload to see all your data at once

Make quick reports

Download data from the service in any of the popular formats: XLSX, PDF, PNG, JPG, CSV or even PPTX with the ability to edit the charts of interest

2 social networks to analyze in one window

No need to run between different tabs or services: log in to the networks of interest and analyze any page in a single feed and common graphs


It is free